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sheilarae DC16m went well again today! We got some new faces and even maybe a Tank for Neo's group! Lets keep this up! As a reminder pls keep an eye on th calendar for other events that will start happening more and more!
blkfrost Fsince both raid groups are doing nim content, we will be running commanders on the weekly basis so people can get mats to make nim crystals. the first one will be tonight at 930pm est. we have characters set up at each location so we can port everyone there fast, kill them, and then move on.
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sheilarae DCHappy Daddy's Day guys!!
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blkfrost Fit been a while since i leveled. almost 3 years but man have they cut out a lot. on tatooine where you do the Czerka quest and go down in the tunnels. they cut out almost 90% of that place. it use to be huge with a few different quest and now it's just the main quest. crazy. wow time has changed
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