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Elena AposHey everyone. I thought I was flying on the 22nd (Sunday) but I'm flying on the 20th (Friday). The new company is providing my transportation to and from so I can't really change it. Also, after talking with them for further details they want me there for 90 days so I can get familiar with their standard operation procedures and programs. I won't be taking my computer so I will not be on for the duration. I still don't know my schedule for when I get there but it seems I'll be working Saturday - Wednesday. Again, I don't know for sure. Will know more when I get back. I'll try to be on prior to leaving but if I don't see you online have fun and kill the scrubby pubbies for me. Unless you're on the pubbie team then kill those wimpy impies. xD
sheilarae DCNext sunday 16m meeting before raid!!!
blkfrost Fhey all. looking for some idea on for guild events on Sunday afternoon. right now we are all just raiding getting those achievements and world bosses but if you have other ideas, we are open to them. just send me a message on here or talk to Sheila in game. either is fine.
Elena Apos   we could do planetary things for achievements (i.e. MCR-99 Droids, Lore Objects, etc.), set up world pvp events for the pvp achievements and <Scare Bear> title. i thought about companion fights with 100k buy in and winner takes all or could split between top 3. could also flood the war-zones and cause general shenanigans. i'll have to think of a few more.
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sheilarae DCHappy Birthday to our GM Blkfrost/Red!!
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blkfrost FJust wanted to let everyone know that every sat we run commanders at 930pm est. good way to get xp if you are leveling, conquest points, and also just have fun with the guild. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend. also don't forget about our 16 man on sundays as well.
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blkfrost FJust a reminder to all that the double CXP week is still going on for a few weeks. if you still need to get your cxp up on some of your characters, now is the time to it. I am on wed - Monday and I run the dailies every day if you want to join me. to do all the places with just 2 people it only takes 30 mins. a lot faster with 4 so if you don't want to be alone just let me know.
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blkfrost FFor the people that live in Florida, please be safe out there. i know Rooty and Vaider are out there but i don't know if anyone else.
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blkfrost Fget it while you can, it's legal and it's an insane amount of cxp: [link]
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