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alexandra'stanHey everyone. I've been searching for the area to put in orders for crafting and can't find it. Hope you don't mind me post here. I need 5x Advanced Quick Savant Enhancement 54, 1x Resistive Hilt 54, 1 x Resistive Armoring, and 9x Advanced Lethal Mod 54. Let me know what mats i need. I am supplying all greens through purples and you keep all crits. My toon name is Ternopil. Thank you.
blkfrost F  we got your order and will take care of you. for future reference, if you go to forums there is a section called crafters world and there you will see where to place your order for items. if you have any issues please let me know
blkfrost F  created a new thread New character and want to follow the story path in the General Chat forum
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blkfrost FDo anyone need the mount quest/achievement on certain toons? was seeing if people would be interested in setting up a group to do this. this includes SM and HM raids.
sheilarae DC16 m will start at 6 eastern tonight
blkfrost F  what the hell lol. you know Sharknado comes on at 8 today
sheilarae DC  ok guys this post is not for this week .... this was a couple weeks ago
sheilarae DCHey all, I am looking to get our Sunday 16m into a perm progession raid group plus I will be starting another 8m. If you are interested pls contact me either here,ingame or on FB ( Sheila Rae Frentzel) Welcome to all our new folks! Also if interested in Pvp we will be getting that up and going too! Looking forward to having fun and making progress with you all :)
Darooke DC  Sheila do you have a permanant roster yet or is that still in progress?
sheilarae DC  still in progress soon as have it all ill post it for u
blkfrost Fwelcome new members and make yourself at home.
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sheilarae DC16m this sunday will start at 2:45 eat... sry have a wake to go to . so pls be on by 2:45 for invites sharp we will pull at 3
Reverie   I knew something was wrong last night, sorry to hear about the lose
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Prospec   created a new thread Rumors of my Death have been greatly exaggerated... in the Who is THAT guy? forum
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